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    1. Fast technology update
      Long-term cooperation with large component manufacturers
      Low-power design
      The selection of components meets the requirements of low power consumption
      Simple and reliable
      The circuit is simple, and the maintenance is particularly convenient
      High circuit integration
      High precision, fast sampling speed, high integration
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      Engaged in the electronic weighing instrument industry for many years, with innovative design, reasonable quotation, a group of independent high-quality entrepreneurial teams, and a high degree of industry sensitivity.

      Shanghai Yousheng Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic weighing apparatus manufacturer. After more than 20 years of hard work, the entrepreneurial team has always maintained a keen sense of technology and a high degree of industry sensitivity. It is proactive and follows the development direction of the industry with its strong technical research and development capabilities and supply chain integration capabilities. The company has always focused on customer needs, supplemented by self-innovation, and constantly innovated. Over the years, it has developed many best-selling products. It has achieved great success in domestic and foreign markets. It has established a solid brand image and established a good Spread word of mouth. And won many related honors and titles. However, the company is not burdened by honors, and always moves lightly and moves forward steadily.

      Distributors in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and more than 500 domestic distributors have witnessed the rapid development of the company. From the price-computing scales in the early days of the establishment of the factory and creating the brand, to the industrial scale crane scale, which ranks in the forefront of domestic production, to the introduction of the bar code scale cash register scale series of commercial weighing instruments and participating in many local government popular projects, to the mass production of electromagnetic force analysis balances. , And now the Internet weighing cashier payment solution has been released and popularized. Every step is steady and steady, and we have achieved outstanding results that are obvious to all. Provide satisfactory answers to our partners who have supported us for many years.

      The company’s management always has a forward-looking vision to formulate the future direction, and carry out relevant technical reserves, with a prepared attitude, open management culture, and confidently welcome the rapid development of technology and information in the Internet era and the diversified competition. , Become stronger in the industry, go further and further.

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